This is a temporary homepage for NetSelector, a great tool to change IP, DNS, Gateway, Proxy and many other network settings on Windows NT/2000/XP with a single click. 
NetSelector is not limited to a specific browser for setting the proxy, there is a plug-in interface that allows to configure nearly any browser or program, that needs a proxy.  At the moment, there are plug-ins for Firefox and Internet Explorer, but I have planned to add other browsers like Mozilla and Opera as well as other programs like AntiVir or TortoiseSVN. 
NetSelector is also very easy to translate, as it uses ini files to store the translation, everyone can participate by adding own translations. 
You will need the .Net Framework 2.0 to be able to run NetSelector.


You can download NetSelector from the sourceforge project page.

The source can be found in the subversion repository.


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